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Recording is about getting the best possible sound coming in so you can get the best possible sound going out. For Stacks of Wax, tracking is where art meets science.

We insist on using the best possible equipment, players, and acoustic environments for your song before the music even hits the mixing board.

With a firm understanding of the physics of acoustics, coupled with an artist's ear and access to experienced, creative session musicians, we'll get your sound right.


We know that every track is distinct and every mix deserves unique attention. At Stacks of Wax, we will mix your music to erupt out of the speakers in a way that compliments both the musical style and artistic interpretation.

We don't think a mix is just about making your music sound good, we believe a mix is about making your music sound right.

From a gear standpoint, we'll process your mix on a Pro Tools HD 3 system through Lynx converters, outboard Neve Portico, UA LA2A and 3A compression, Manley, API, and Pulltech equalization, Lexicon 480L and Yamaha SPX90 ambience effects, with all the latest Plug-In technology including the Waves Diamond bundle, Sony Oxford bundle, Massey bundle, Melodyne and Antares processors, and countless other industry standards.

Most importantly, all this equipment is used intelligently and properly, with a firm understanding of what makes a mix work both artistically and scientifically.




You've recorded your project and in the studio it sounds amazing - it's balanced, crisp, and tweaked to your highest specifications. Then you pop it into the CD player and suddenly it's quiet and dull. The instruments you heard perfectly in the studio are lost and muffled. It's at this moment a sinking feeling sets in - your track was poorly mastered.

Your recording can only reach its total sonic potential with professional mastering. We'll enhance your mix into a competitive product that retains all of the nuances you love about it, while maximizing it's width, depth, clarity, loudness, low-end presence, pristine and smooth top end, and dynamic range.

You will be amazed at what we can do to bring your tracks to life.




Our team members have mixed countless shows - from intimate venues of fifty people to rock concerts of thousands.

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled live sound quality and our reputation speaks for itself through our team's client list - Natalie Merchant, Andrew Bird, Tony Bennet, Kris Kristofferson, Bucky Pizzarelli, Greg Allman, Pete Seeger, Mike Portnoy, just to name a few.

At Stacks of Wax we see little difference between creating a studio masterpiece and delivering live sound reinforcement. We understand that a great mix is one that is dynamic, has depth, punch, and clarity, as well as balance.

We provide a sharp musical ear that is critical to attaining the perfect balance of delivering a sound that is present and has an impact, without any danger of deafening the crowd.

Our PA Rental Package

Our PA Rental Package


  • (1) Yamaha 02R Digital Mixer (6 Aux Sends for Monitors)
  • (1) Digimax FS 8 Channel Microphone Preamp (with AD/DA Lightpipe to expand the Yamaha 02R to 16 Channels)
  • (4) EV SX250 Tops w/wedge capability
  • (2) Boom Stands for Tops
  • (2) EAW 118 Ported Subs
  • (2) EV P1200 Amps
  • (1) Ashley Analog Crossover
  • (1) Carver 1000W Amp
  • (1) Sennheiser In-Ear Monitors (Client must provide buds)
  • (10) Microphone Boom Stands


  • (1) Digidesign 002 Rack with Black Lion AD/DA Modification
  • (1) Macbook Pro with Pro Tools 7.4
  • Over 1TB of Free Disk Space on External HD's
  • (1) Furman Power Conditioner


  • (4) 75' NL4 Cables
  • (20) 25-30' XLR Cables
  • (1) 50' 8 Channel, 4 Return XLR Snake
  • (1) 100' 12 Channel XLR Snake
  • (1) 100' 3 Channel XLR Snake (For LR and Mono Sub Send)
  • (2) 50' AC Extension Cords


  • (2) SM 57's
  • (1) SM 58
  • (3) Beta 58's
  • (1) Audix D6
  • (1) Akg D112
  • (1) Rode NT5's
  • (6) Sennheiser e604's
  • (2) MXL V57M's
  • (2) Behringer Direct Boxes
  • (1) Sennheiser 421
  • (1) Shure SM81

Song Doctoring

At Stacks of Wax we believe Song Doctoring is about one thing, pure and simple: making your song as good as it can be.

When you know your music has the potential for greatness, but needs that extra something to stand out, our song doctors are here to help.

Songs are complicated, delicate machines with many interlocking parts - harmony, melody, form, lyric, groove, and arrangement. We want to make sure all these elements support one another to deliver the maximum impact. We believe that every single note and word in a song counts, and that your art deserves the same level of focused attention.

Stacks of Wax will help you hone a memorable melody, develop a more satisfying chord progression, and tighten your structure. You can be sure that we'll make every facet of your song matter.


Making a great record doesn't end when the song is written. What will the mood be like? What styles will it evoke? What feelings should it conjure in the listener?

Luckily, you don't have to answer these questions - at least not alone. Our producing and arranging team is experienced at pulling all the elements of a song into focus through the right instrumentation, part writing, beat making, orchestration, and performance direction.

We take you through all the phases of production: blueprinting your track through demos, collaborating and revising, then shepherding the process through sequencing, studio recording, and mixing.

Our arrangers have strong backgrounds in all musical styles and can give you a fully tailored arrangement based on your creative needs.



Track Enhancement

Under construction!




Sometimes all you need is another pair of ears. No matter what your genre or style is we'll match you up with an experienced Stacks of Wax professional who can give you helpful and specific suggestions to give your music the edge it needs.

Our team is also available to give lessons and master classes for piano, voice, guitar, bass, horns, winds, strings, drums, hand and vocal percussion, music theory, ear training, songwriting, studio arranging, as well as music business and production.

Viral Marketing

Natural talent and genius can help people succeed, but the fact is, no one makes it alone.

Fortunately, we do know what makes successful artists different from the hundreds of thousands of others out there today - online promotion.

We recently spawned a new generation of "Crusaders" who promote your music to thousands of people daily, by the power of suggestion to all of their friends. They can get you 10,000 real YouTube or Vimeo views, 1,000 Facebook fans, and 1,000 Twitter followers in less than two weeks.

Don't worry we don't have an army of robots spamming people. We use a unique and effective method of digital viral marketing to help your music reach the ears of new fans everyday.

We'll take you from this... this.


  • STEP 1. SONG DOCTORING - Whether your music could use some tweaks and adjusting or a full-on renovation, our Song Doctors will develop your melody and form to bring out its inner hit potential.
  • STEP 2. ARRANGING - Choose a variety of instruments and have our Studio Arrangers create a fully tailored composition. They can offer your music years of experience, sharp technical knowledge, and a keen understanding of what a track needs to be brought to life.
  • STEP 3. PRODUCTION - Produce the session in person at one of our world-class studios, including lodging. If you're not in the area, you can still stay connected to the production process via phone, email, and Skype with our entire team.
  • STEP 4. MIXING & MASTERING - Our engineer will combine a musical ear with nontraditional techniques to create your mix, and then employ an impressive mastering quality to set your tracks apart.
  • STEP 5. PROMOTION & VIRAL MARKETING - Our marketing team will first create or optimize your social media networks. Then our "Crusaders" will take over to promote your music to thousands of people daily, creating a fan base across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. After the promotional campaign we won't leave you hanging - we'll shop your song around to publishers, label scouts, and commercial licensers for TV and film.
The package includes detailed proposed game plan for each step, at least one consultation, collaborative conversation, and set of notes per step. The whole process is interactive so you'll know exactly what we're doing, every step of the way.

Album Production

  • Full album that has been tracked, mixed, mastered
  • A dedicated Song Doctor, Arranger, Orchestrator, and Lyricist
  • Session players at your disposal
  • Album artwork
  • Free lodging at the studio for you and your band (up to 10 people) for the duration of your session

Artist Management

  • Two to five dedicated Facebook Crusaders
  • One included music video & substantial discounts for any subsequent videos
  • Access to the Stacks of Wax vast network of managers, bookers, and promoters
  • Significant discount to the "Album Production" package
  • A web designer to create and manage your own website/Facebook/Bandcamp/etc...
  • A featured segment on our website and AT LEAST 3 other industry sites

Filmmaker's Package

  • Film score written, produced, and recorded
  • On set recordist & boom operator
  • Boom, lavalier, and room-tone mic rentals
  • Foley & ADR
  • Backups and Scores
  • Up to 5 mixes specifically mixed for a certain theater

Student's Package

  • Open to all ages & levels
  • Weekly lessons in any instrument or discipline at your house OR our studio
  • At least two high profile recitals and/or recordings per semester
  • Significant discount on any of our packages

Event Production Package

  • Two experienced live engineers present at least two hours before and after each performance
  • A full sound check before each performance
  • Options to record audio and/or video of each performance
  • Options to include producers, pit musicians, and/or coaches
  • We can also produce karaoke & instrumental tracks for your production
  • Full PA rental